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Our Services

Underwater Inspections and Surveys

Marine Exploration Services uses the revolutionary state of the art Nova Ray® extreme performance ROVs to perform the inspection or survey of a wide range of underwater assets and environments.

We have had decades of extensive experience in underwater ROV applications including oil & gas pipeline inspections, marine asset inspections, quality assurance for underwater projects, marine biosecurity, underwater environmental impact assessments, waterways and canals inspections, marine salvage surveys and localization, and marine ecological surveys. We offer daily rates as well as discounted options for projects over a week in duration. Our ROVs are portable and available to travel with out pilots anywhere in the world. Click Here to learn more about NOVA RAY ROVs!

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or call: 1•425•803•8172

MES Services:

  • Oil & Gas Pipeline Inspection With Higher ROI
  • Marine Research & Conservation
  • Biosecurity, Marine oceanographic and biological studies
  • Sidescan sonar and bathymetric bottom profile and contour surveys
  • Inshore & Commercial Infrastructure
  • Port Security Inspections & Surveillance
  • Aquaculture Facility Inspections
  • Underwater Construction Inspection and Support Imagine
  • Structural condition surveys
  • Stand-alone sonar imaging & profiling surveys
  • Submerged & buried pipeline and cable tracking and locating
  • Current velocity and multibeam sonar bottom surveys
  • Third party construction inspection
  • Remote video inspections to 550 meters
  • Sonar profiling to monitor and document scour, dredging, sediment accumulation in basins, canals, along levees, beneath piers and bridges
  • Sonar imaging to locate submerged structures for recovery and obstacle avoidance under turbid high-current water conditions
  • Still photograph, video, photogrammetry documentation